James Wise is an author and analyst on Thailand. His book, Thailand: History, Politics and the Rule of Law, will be published by Marshall Cavendish in April 2019. James, who is also a former Ambassador to Thailand, advises Australian businesses on the political and business environment in Thailand.

Key areas of James' expertise include:

  • Assessing the political risk for existing and prospective businesses in Thailand.

  • Providing regular updates on the political and business environment in Thailand.

  • Helping businesses to gain access to key people in Thailand’s private sector and government.

How Can James Help?

James can explain Thailand’s complex politics and distinctive business world in ways that make it easier for Australian companies to make informed decisions.

Australian business-people often have questions about Thailand’s operating environment that lawyers and accountants can’t fully answer:

  • Will Thailand’s periodic political instability affect my business?

  • How does politics interact with business in Thailand?

  • What do I need to know about reports of corruption in Thailand?

  • Will cultural differences between Thailand and Australia affect my business?

  • Will language be a barrier to doing business in Thailand?

James can answer these important questions that Australian companies should ask about Thailand’s operating environment.  Major legal and accounting firms provide advice only on legal and financial issues.

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